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Our mission is to provide the most complete and up to date youth baseball information available for the United States.  State by State.

To reach this goal we employ multiple web researchers and editors.   Our team searches the web on a daily basis to find the most current youth select travel teams and select baseball tournaments.  We also maintain a directory of baseball training facilities available for your child to train in and improve their game.

We maintain 6 directories on this site.

Use the menu above to see any of these directories.  Once you are in a directory you can click on an index column name to sort by that column.  This makes it easy to see listings for your state for example.

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Even with a team a researchers this site is really driven by people like you adding there own listings or listing they know about.  Please use the submit menu above to add any missing entries you know about.  We want to make this site the most comprehensive site in the USA for finding youth baseball teams, tournaments and training.

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We do our best to find and correct errors right away.    Please report any errors you find here.  (click here)

Why was this site created?

As a baseball coach myself I found it frustrating to find baseball tournaments and dedicated baseball training facilities for my son to train at.   As a website creator I knew there had to be a better way to organize all these separate websites.  Doing a simple google or bing search does not quite solve the problem.  A directory, or index is a better way.   This site is a labor of love.  While I do charge a small fee to list camps or clinics that money will hopefully offset some of the money I have spent hiring data entry people and web researchers to find all of the facilities and teams across the united states.  My expectations isn’t to earn a great deal of money from this site, but to provide a service for fans of youth baseball everywhere.